Zoo Fall Trip

We decided on a whim to head to the zoo before it got too cold.  We picked a good time to go.  

 The Lorakeets were quite active.  They enjoyed climbing on heads and pooping on some.
 That's my hand and two of the four lorakeets who were after the food.

Everyone enjoyed riding the horses. 

 Emmie enjoyed riding with mama.

 The rest of the pictures were taken by the kids.  This is just a slight sampling of what they got pictures of.  
The cow.
 It's tough to see but that's a statue of a fox.

 Oh look!  Our people.

 A real turtle.
 Thankfully, this was of the front of the elephant.   So, our story goes like this:  The lorakeets pooped in one of our groups hair (I'll just leave it like that.  Wasn't me but it still was not fun).  Then the kids want to see the elephants...we got to them.  They were not only pooping but his, ahem, was facing us and we got a front row view.  This happened a couple of times.  We kept saying, "Everybody does it.  Let's not make a big deal about it."  Fast forward to a month later.  Malachi still talks about it.  "And 'den da elephants pooped."  "I want to go see da elephants poop."  Actually, you could fast forward to now...two months later and he is still talking about the elephants pooping.  He wants his birthday cake to look like an elephant because they poop.  Oy!  My life with boys and one who is quite narrative and has a very good memory.

Our obligatory group photo.  

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