Beach Living Part 2

After arriving and settling in to our hotel room, the kids were ready for a lot of beach play the next day.

 Emmie enjoyed snoozing in the shade with me.  The weather was perfect.  A bit overcast and sprinkles once or twice but 
 The Sand Queen.  She was covered head to toe.

 Lots of pictures of the beautiful beach.  Since we don't live near the white sands of the gulf, Jekyll Island is my favorite place to see the ocean.  

 I got in the water until something swam by my legs.  I love to look at the ocean.  Just not feel its inhabitants without seeing them.
 I think we all cleaned up nice.  Sometimes I look at photos of us and think, "Wow, we sure are a small lot."  Then other times, "My goodness!  That's a lot of kids."  This picture looks like a lot of kids.
 Quick photo bomb with mom and Emmie
 Two cutie pies back at the hotel.
 After supper, we took a little walk in the park next to the hotel.  Aside from a disappearing beach, Jekyll also boasts tons of wooded areas.  The low lying trees are sturdy enough and low enough fro some fun climbing.
 Or Hobbit Hole hiding.

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