Beach Living Part 1

Mark knew I desperately wanted to take a trip to the beach this year.  We had our "old" house under contract all summer so when we closed on it in August, he planned out a quick weekend trip to the beach.  Living just three hours away from the ocean makes quick beach trips doable.

There's a lot of pictures so hang on to your hats folks.

 On the road!  I wasn't the only one excited.  The kids were super excited that Malachi was going to see the ocean for the first time. His first beach trip was when he was six weeks old.

 We went to Jekyll Island.  If you live in Georgia, you should know who Sidney Lanier is.  If you don't, stop now and look him up.  Then look up his wonderful poem, "Ye Marshes of Glynn."  I had my mom for 11th grade English.  She made us memorize two stanzas from that poem.  My goal was to have the kids memorize those two stanzas but we only managed one before our trip.  Either way, it's a great poem inspired by the marshes around Jekyll.
 Beautiful inspiration.

 The boardwalk from the hotel to the beach included this lovely forest area.  Where Bryant promptly threw a frisbee.
 The lovely forest area was covered with spiders.  Giant "banana" spiders.  Large webs.
 Guess who got to rescue the frisbee?

 Checking out the ocean the first day.  High tide was coming in so there was very little beach.  Parts of the beach completely disappear at high tide.
 A dead horseshoe crab washed up provided lots of interesting observation by the kids.

 Emmie met the ocean.  She didn't mind at all having her feet in it.

 All the other babies we have had would lift their feet up.  Emmie just kept them firmly planted.

 Lanier Bridge named after...Sidney Lanier (shocking right?)

 The Marshes of Glynn

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