Another Awana Year...Done

We weren't sure that we would be able to have Awana this year.  Our church property is being renovated to work for our church so we have been meeting on Sunday mornings in homes and just were not sure how it would work out.  Finally, by October, Mark and I couldn't stand it and offered up our home as a solution to Awana meetings.  Our pastor agreed and Wednesday night activities have taken over our home every week.  We, again, are very grateful that we have a home large enough to accommodate meetings and neighbors who have yet to complain about the Wednesday night traffic.

Even though we had a late start and two "weather" days, the kids all worked super hard and so did the leaders.

Our kids were able to finish their books this year with a big push at the end!

One of our illustrious leaders brought her camera and got these awesome pictures.

 That's not a boogie (just need to clarify).  He banged his lip on something or other.

 This was before he realized he was having his picture taken.

And this was after.  Still handsome!

 He was hamming it up.  Don't let that expression fool you.

 Ace finished his second book for T&T.

 Zoe finished her third T&T book.

 Josiah, although shy as all get out, finished his second Sparks book.

 Liam finished his third Sparks book and next year I will have THREE T&Ters (or Boom Bangers as Mark calls them).  I feel old.

 Malachi was pretty much just a Cubbie mascot this year.  We considered him a fourth of a cubbie.  But he did everything the Cubbies did and by the end of the year was able to quote verses with a bit of help.
 Bryant finished his first year in Cubbies.

 Miss J had some fun goody bags!

 Ceili Rain finished her second Cubbie year and is going to be a Sparkie next year.  She reminds us of this fact every week if not daily.

 Enjoying Miss J's goodie bags!

So, this is our ninth year of Awana and our ninth year volunteering.  We have truly been blessed and have learned right along with our kids.  I love seeing our kids hide God's Word in their hearts and we know that these words will be with them for the rest of their lives.  We're looking forward to many more years of Awana to come.

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