What to do when you're overdue

Herein lies my photojournal of what we did to keep busy while waiting on Emmie.

Park Day

Watching "Da Builders" as Malachi calls them.  They have cleared land behind our section of the subdivision to build another section.   I knew Malachi just had to see them working.  He was so excited and didn't want to leave.  Neither did his two partners in crime.

Note construction hat in hand.
 Our last appointment with Dr. J had a longer wait time due to babies being born.  Like a two plus hour wait time.  Once we realized that he had not one but two deliveries, Mark offered to make a mocha frappe run.  Only one other person in the waiting room went for it besides us.  It was truly yummy though.

Our homeschool care group end of year party was at the local Kroc Center which just so happens to have an indoor water park.  Yes, it was a bit o' fun!

And two days before Emmie arrived we attended our annual Pops Under the Stars concert by the local symphony.  This is a family tradition now.  We were expecting rain.  And we got it.  It rained a bit before the concert and right before the fireworks were supposed to go at the 1812 Overture.  No fireworks and no overture but the rest of concert was a hit.

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