Kids' Closet

As I was plotting and planning how to get Emmie in to the girls room, eventually, I came to the realization that a crib, bunk beds, vanity and dresser would not fit in their room.  They have the smallest bedroom with the most windows making room arrangement limited.  So, we came up with several options.  We could try and move the dresser in to the walk-in closet and limiting the amount of dresses and toys that could be stored in the room.  We could get rid of the vanity.  But, Zoe and I worked hard to revamp it and it's just too beautiful to get rid of.  

After much pinteresting (I made up a new word!).  I finally decided the time had come to take the hall/seasonal closet and turn it in to a kids' closet.  At first, I was just going to get the girls' clothes in there but then we decided to go ahead and get all seven kids dresser clothes in the same space.

And here's where I'm so grateful that Mark is a engineer.  I tell him what I want...

 And he makes it happen!

He did quite a bit of planning and consulting with our pastor who is a carpenter.  We were very grateful to have his input because these shelves could be hung on by our monkeys and they are not going anywhere!  Each kid has two large white baskets (1.5 bushels) and then two sets of smaller drawers for personables (also called "unmentionables").  Emmie's clothes are still in the sitting room which is now the nursery.  They'll move when she moves.  I have a shelf above Zoe and Ace's clothes that still holds the clothes we are sorting through (as well as the space on the floor).  My shoe storage is now in the boys' walk-in closet and their coats are hanging up in their rooms.

I'm thrilled with the result and the kids absolutely love it.  We're still teaching them to NOT get dressed in the closet but it's a process and they are learning.

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