Fourteen Years

Actually, eighteen years ago, this happened:

Our first date lead to this...

It doesn't seem like we've been together for eighteen years, but we have.  I'm so glad that Mark chose me.  I could not imagine my life with any other.

One day, I'll digitize all of our wedding pictures (a must since they are in an album that is enjoyed regularly by our crew), and I'll tell the full story of our wedding day.  I'm sure, by the pictures, you can tell it was not a very traditional wedding.  But it was our wedding and for us it was an opportunity to honor God for the gift of each other.  We did so with our own "unique" flair and our marriage has been defined by lots of opportunities to do things differently from that point on.

I love you, Mark.  Thank you for being my everything and for putting up with me and all my crazy ideas!  Let's celebrate by hugging our babies and eating Japanese food!

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