March Randomness

I finally got around to making a clip board for the girls' room.  Very girly and holds all their clips.  I just used scrap fabric and a frame found at my parents house.  We had all the material we needed and didn't have to purchase anything.  I love free!  

I'm throwing around the idea of making these to sell when I go to the farmers' market with my Lilla Rose.  What do ya'll think?

 Grandmere's birthday is the first part of December.  Only fitting that she received her present the first part of March.  Really, I was scared to ship it.  it's a pretty bowl.  On one side is a thumbprint flower from Uncle & Aunt B and their family and on the other side is a thumbprint flower from our family.

 Just because.  When you take Malachi's picture he'll say, "May I see?"

 Malachi, the fashionista

 Drawing shadows.  Like drawing people but not as uncomfortable.

 Ceili Rain, Bryant, and Malachi all love to go to karate.  They also enjoy participating.  Really, they are the entertainment for the parents.

 Bryant came to me one afternoon and said, "Look, mama, I'm blinking."

Why my toddler is crying...He wanted the other ranch dressing that was on the table.  It was the same as what he already had on his plate.

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