To the Zoo Crew

For Malachi's birthday, we decided a zoo trip was in order.  It had been a very long time since we ventured there and Mark and I both thought this was a great way to celebrate his birthday since he more than likely will only remember it through pictures.

Kristina and family went with us.  The original plan was to go on a Friday but Friday loomed a bit dreary and very cold so we opted for a warmer and more crowded Saturday.  Can't always have it all I suppose.  So, pictures were limited since we spent most of the day counting to eleven.

Yes, this only comes to ten.  We knew where the eleventh one was though.

 Feeding the Lorakeets.

 I thinkt hat is three of our kids hanging from the rock.

I don't think we lost anyone and we only came back home with the critters we had.  Zoe and I spent lunch dreaming of doing the zip line this summer after Emmie got here and I could do silly and crazy things like that!

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