February (and January) Randomness

I realized that I could go to handy dandy Facebook and pull up some of the photos from my phone since they were taken with Instagram.  Some of these are from January and some from February but we'll just pretend they are all from February okay?

 This was my nutty bar stash before the snow in January.  For some reason, I was really craving oranges and nutty bars all of January.
 One of my best friends on a night out.  We were planning a Lilla Rose event and then we stopped at Wal-mart and got distracted by the bargain bins.  Yep. We party hard.  Don't envy us.

 These three ninjas started karate in February.  They took two lessons at the end of January to "earn" their white belt but the fun and cool thing was that they got to break a board with their foot.  They are quite fun to watch in class.  Ace is serious and very athletic.  Liam is focused (I kid you not) and the loudest and then there is Josiah.  He is all smiles as he hits targets and yells and does his version of push ups.

 Our trail adventure as mentioned in the previous post about ice.

 Malachi loves to hold the hymnal during worship.  Such a little man.

 Those are handbells and we are actually practicing (well practice was over so they were ringing them...loudly).  The Bible says to make a joyful noise.  See those smiles.

See, we did have warm days.  Sometimes all you need to play outside is a diaper, your sister's rainboots and a wooden sword.

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