From Let it Snow to Let it Ice

Not to be outdone with our Seventh Year Snow in January, February decided to bring in ice.  Two inches of ice.  Shut down our city and our power.  We were only without power for less than a day but we knew people who were four days plus without it.  Or they would get it only for it to go out again.

Thankfully, we did not have any lasting damage.  No problems with trees snapping or hitting our roof or fence or any thing else.  We were very blessed.  And, we all learned that snow is waaay better than ice.

 Looks pretty but...
It was all ice.
 Zoe was getting icicles off the dome.
 And she also left her mark in the ice.
 Trying to de-ice the rabbit cage.

 The greenspace behind our house.  We got to listen to the sound of snapping trees for a couple of days.  Not fun to hear.
I believe the dogs loved the ice and snow more than anyone.  We had a lot of trouble trying to get them to come in when the temps went well below freezing.

So here is a re-cap of the weather that week.  
Monday:  70 degrees.  So beautiful I took the kids to a local walking and nature trail and we were sweating after a mile walk.
Tuesday:  Colder but tolerable
Wednesday:  Ice
Thursday:  Still icy
Friday:  A bit easier to travel but still icy.  Oh, and an earthquake.

Yeah, not kidding.  Mark and I were watching a video that evening at about 10 when we heard a rumbling and then the house shook.  Every nerve in me tensed up not knowing what it was (Mark was thinking helicopter...I'm thinking an attack on our local army base or something).  We ran outside and neighbors started popping out too trying to figure out what was going on.  One neighbor claimed helicopter as well but when we all looked up in the sky there was nothing but a pretty clear sky.  No sign of any aircraft.  Another neighbor was on the phone with friends who lived over an hour away and they said they felt something too.  Mark and that neighbor both agreed earthquake.  I finally relaxed a bit but ya'll...that was the first and last earthquake I ever want to be in.  

After all of that, we are now anxiously awaiting a "real" tornado (we usually have the wind blow hard and they call it a tornado) and a massive hurricane.   Finally, all of our natural disasters will be done.  Forever.  I hope.  

This is all so freakishly weird because we live in a very mild area.  We're about three hours from the ocean and right on the banks of a large river.  We have hot summers and lots of pollen but that is typically it.  Our winters are usually in the 40s and 50s with some 30s but I do not remember having so many 20 degree highs.  Guess we will just blame climate change...or global warming...or whatever.

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