Merry Christmas from our Crew!

Yeah, I know it's the middle of March.  At least I got it up, huh?  Here's our kids in their Christmas pj finest.

 The hat.  It was a dollar store find.  Malachi wore it throughout the store.  When he lost interest, we hid it and saved it for a sibling shop gift.  He loved it...again!
 We got the boys' their big gift together.  They had all asked for the same Lego set for Christmas.  Obviously, legos are not cheap so we decided to combine it.  These are some thrilled boys.
 Zoe was thrilled.  Absolutely thrilled to receive a kindle.  It's a basic one and was a sweet, generous gift from a friend, but Zoe could care less.  We quickly found all of Louisa May Alcott's books for free and she quickly devoured them.
Be still my heart.  These two fight like sisters but love just like sisters.

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