Happy 11th Birthday Zoe!

Here comes some sad news.  My cellphone went for a swim.  And didn't come out alive.  On it were pictures from December.  You know the ones...the ones I took with my phone because I didn't have my camera.  Fortunately, all other months pictures had been gotten off...just not the ones from December.  If my phone is able to be repaired (if you know me, you'll know that Mark got insurance on my phone...smart man), and the pictures were not damaged, then I will make sure to post those.  If not, trust me...we had a lot of fun on these next few posts.

Zoe's birthday in December was a ton of fun.  We celebrated with family on her actual day and then traveled that weekend to visit family and then celebrated with friends on that Monday.  She wanted to go bowling.  We live quite near a military fort and they have a bowling alley open to the public.  On Mondays, they offer cheap bowling and cheap food.  So, we rallied her friends and played a couple of games of bowling and ate cake.  It was both fun and yummy.  And we all got a kick out of the little ones trying to carry a big ol' ball to roll.
 Opening presents...That's one excited young lady.

She got her first ever charm bracelet and was thrilled.  Especially since she couldn't really think of what she wanted for her birthday.

Scouring pinterest, Zoe came up with this for her cake.  It's a chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip buttercream icing.  Was it yummy?  Oh my goodness it was.  The cake was my standard chocolate cake but the icing was so fluffy and good.  And I don't like mint chocolate chip anything.

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