Merry Christmas Family!

Per our family Christmas tradition, we traveled to visit with Ge & Granddaddy and were also able to squeeze in some visiting time with Granddaddy's sister and their family.  That made for a few kids.  But it was so fun to see them all playing and having a good time.

Our Ge & Granddaddy celebration:
 I have no idea what cousin E was doing but he had four out of the five boys' attention.

 My "seester," Aunt Yaya, made this sign for me.  Isn't she talented?!  I was so thrilled.  Especially since we were gifted a nativity set for the yard last year and this year Mark made a stable and manger for it.  We will have quite the decked out yard next year.

 Zoe and Ace were thrilled at some one's present.  I love this look of delight on their faces.

 A very happy Ge with the "world's ugliest dog."  That poor dog was 7 pounds when they rescued him.  He's still very tiny but thinks he's a big dog.
Our future doctor with her doctor kit.  FYI, she barely knows who Doc McStuffins is but loves the pink and purple medical bag.  I have a feeling when she graduates medical school (or nursing school), I'll be scouring the world for one just like that.

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