Tree Farm

This year we started a new tradition at a different tree farm.  The year before, we had gone to our local tree farm and were not impressed with the selection.  I am not sure that they even sold fresh cut trees this year.

So, we traveled a good distance away to another farm.  And wow were we impressed.  Acres and acres of all sorts of Christmas trees to choose from.  We didn't want to spend a ton and, fortunately, that made it easy.  Our tree cost less than the one we got last year and was about twice it's size.  We've never had one that large and we thought we were getting one on the smaller size.
 Forgive the blurry pictures.  They had a hay ride that dropped us off in different locations and picked us up (and cut the tree for us).
Malachi loved the hayride.  And, as you can see, it was such a nice day that we were still in t-shirts!

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