Continuing on...Getting Fit Update

I finished up 42 days to fit last week.  I'm still continuing with the changes I made in my diet and adding to my exercise/strength training.

So, here are my stats:

I've lost a total of 10 pounds.
I've lost one inch in my arms, eight inches in my waist, four inches in my hips, and four and half inches in my thighs.

I'm technically down a size.  Although I don't have any real capris that I can wear or flattering skirts so, for now, until they fall off, I'm staying in the size I was in when I started this journey.  Except in tops,  some of my tops are nice and loose so I can wear the next size down.

I have somewhere around two months to lose ten more pounds.  So, I'm soldiering on.  After the cruise, I am hoping to continue on track with losing weight (counting whatever I gain on the cruise if the food is really good :).

So off we go.  Two days cycling and one day of high intensity interval training (10 reps of 1 minute stairs with a 40 second recovery) and three days strength training.  I'm trying to increase my cycling to 30 minutes but the humidity makes my body protest.  Still, I was able to get 3 miles in to 20 minutes when I cycled by myself.  Obviously when I have a bike partner (my amazing daughter), I go a tad slower.  I'd love to see 4 miles in 20 minutes but I think that will take a bit of time.

I'm well aware that a plateau could happen at any time and I'm prepping myself by planning out other exercises or how many more I will do.  I'm not too worried about it and will cross that hurdle if I come to it.  My strength training will be easy to add more circuits to and I can always swap a cycling day for more HIITs (even though I would miss cycling).  I can also increase my cycling time.  So, there are more options should my weight and measurements go stagnant.

So, onward and upward my friends.  Anyone else working on getting fit and staying that way?

Oh, pictures.  Opps.  Yeah, about those.  Soon.  I promise.

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