Happy, Happy, Happy

Papa's birthday was the end of May and we just so happened to be getting together around then.  Way back in February, we (meaning the sons and their spouses) cooked up a fun surprise party for Papa.  Even further back, last October when while in Chattanooga, Mark and I introduced everyone to Duck Dynasty.  Some say it was a bad move but Papa has been hooked.  We decided to do a Duck Dynasty party complete with beards, bandanas, duck calls and the theme song.

 Uncle B gave a pep talk and showed off their attire for the evening.

 Cousin H all decked out.

 The whole Duck Dynasty crew.

 The main organizers.  Grandmere can blame them for the silliness that ensued.

Needless to say, Papa was thrilled.    We also got him a "Happy, Happy, Happy" t-shirt and a Si tea glass.

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