April Randoms

Get ready for a photo dump...but it's full of all kinds of cuteness.
 Zoe testing out the creek in our neighborhood.  We went the next week with friends and had a blast.

 Mark was trying to get some yardwork done (with kids in tow) before a downpour.  He didn't make it.  Neither did the kids.  Thankfully, they had the shed to seek shelter in.

 This is how best friends hang out.  Love seeing Ceili Rain and Megan (on the right) finally playing together (they spent most of their babyhood crying whenever they were beside each other).

 Big kids at testing.  Little kids got to hang out with mama.  I tried to plan something fun each of the three days.  We hit a local park and discovered they had installed a playground section for all kids.  My kids loved it!
 This is what happens when a baby comes to visit.  Our neighbor, A, asked us to watch her 3 year old and "wittle" baby.  Of course, my kids did not have a problem watching a baby.

 Rite of passage.  Ace is now one of our grass cutters.

 We went to a home school conference in May and the week before, I realized somebody needed to learn to sit still.  Let blanket training commence.

 Zoe is my designated Lilla Rose partner.  She enjoys going to shows with me and she gets better every time with talking to customers and showing some Lilla Rose Love when needed.  But on the way to shows, we must play with the phone.  I think this picture shows the real me.

Our conversation about the glasses goes like this.
Me:  Bryant your glasses are on upside down buddy.
Bryant:  But dey hurt my nose the other way.  See?  Dey don't hurt anymore.

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