Project Fair 2013

Our local home school care group puts on a big project and performance fair every year.  The first year the kids just did a performance (handbells).  Last year, I made them do a performance and a project (they quoted poems they had memorized and then did the project).  This year, I gave them a choice.

 Liam chose dinosaurs.  We had a shoe box that had plaster of paris from another project.  He painted it and created his own diorama (or dinorama...haha) using some plastic figures we had.  I had high hopes of helping him sculpt them out of clay and then realized that I'm not that artsy and the best I can do with clay is a snowman.  Plus, this was his project not mine.  I was the printer and that was about it.  He even chose to wear his monster shirt because it looked like a dinosaur.  Then we picked out different dinosaurs and he colored pictures.  Of course, my ever social boy loved telling others all about his project.

 For over a year now, Ace has said he wants to be a geologist.  Except now.  Now he wants to be a comedian.  I digress.  So, he chose to do a project on rocks, gems, and  minerals.  He brought out his display.  Researched what he had and wrote up a bit on each.  He chose to type up the info and print it out (all on his own) and we found several cool kid sites that showed how rocks were created and such.  Pretty neat stuff.
Zoe decided to quote a poem by Ellen Watkins Harper called "Learnin' to Read"  This was a great poem by an abolitionist. Zoe had to memorize it as part of her language lessons this year.  I love First Language Lessons of the Well Trained Mind.  She did an amazing job as always.  That kid would be able to memorize the dictionary if given enough time!

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