LGS 2013 (aka Little Garden Spot)

This year, our garden spot grew.  I told Mark I wanted one about twice the size as we had the first couple of years.  I have high hopes for this spot.  For one, we have an automatic sprinkler system.  That alone will probably save our poor plants.

We started from seed this year.  I had doubts when we planted them in the ground but our ever so patient Mark told me to wait and watch. And guess what?!  They grew!  Thanks to the beautiful blessing of rain every week in June, they are getting bigger and bigger.  I'm praying we start seeing fruit soon.  I know the kids will be thrilled with that.

Anyway, in April, Papa and Grandmere came up to help do our flood repairs.  Since they were coming up and have a truck, we begged for it's use to get soil/compost from the Kricket Krap store.  Yes.  It's really that and their cricket poo is world famous.  We didn't get any but we did get some wonderful compost/soil that I think has helped our growing a lot this year.   I still need to put mulch over it.  That may be on our next year list. 

 Mark and Papa helped get us started and then quickly retreated inside to the air condition finish the bathroom floors.  At first, my blessed city kids freaked out when they realized there was cow poo in the mix (Poor Zoe was wearing her flip flops).  Slowly, but surely, they all got in to it and we eventually got the job done and the truck mostly rinsed out.

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