Excuses, excuses

Yes, my full intention was to post more than once last week.  That failed miserably with activities every night and school every morning.  And then this happened Saturday night:

The little sensor thingy that tells the washing machine, "You full!  Stop adding water."  stopped working.  And we noticed the overflow when the water was dripping from the ceiling.  There is very little damage to the wall/downstairs but upstairs is going to have a bit going on.  We lived with these fans, dehumidifiers and the noise for three nights.  See the clothes by the door, this is on account of amazing friends who are loaning me their washing machines to wash clothes.  We will be installing new bathroom floors, new carpet pad, and new laundry closet floors.  As well as some very  minor painting downstairs.  

Please don't say this wouldn't have happened had the washing machine been down stairs.  It could have. And the damage would have been just as bad (if not worse) downstairs because there are no drains in downstairs laundry rooms to scoot the water out.  Most of the water from the overflow did make it down the drain.  It was just a lot of water.

Oh, and Saturday I realized that Bryant was getting pink eye.  And Ceili Rain.  And Malachi.  By  Monday, Bryant was running a fever and by Tuesday Malachi started.  They have all had some runny noses but they've just gotten worse.

Then our Ginger dog had a seizure/anxiety attack or something on Monday night.  Mark and I think it might have been related to the loudness of the fans because she has been so skiddish around them...and well, she's our mentally "unstable" dog.  What I'm saying is, she needs therapy.  And drugs.  Lots of drugs.  Bless her heart.  She's been fine ever since and we kept her away from the fans on Tuesday so she was fine.

We're praising God that the fans are gone and normal noise levels have resumed.  The dog is somewhat back to normal (her normal...not other dogs normal) and the kids eyes are on the mend.  

Anybody else have excuses for not doing something?!  I need some validation people.

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