New Church

Twice in one week.  I'm trying to make a come back.

January saw a huge blessing for our church.  We closed on a property for us to have a permanent home for the church!  It's a three acre property and includes a house and outbuilding.  Since we've been attending the church, we have been meeting in a office building and slowly outgrowing it.  God has truly blessed our church and provided just what we needed when we needed it.

 Here's the church "house."  Eventually this will be classrooms, Awana room, office rooms and our kitchen, etc.  All the ladies in the church are excited about having a real oven instead of having to make crockpot meals.  Priorities people

 This is going to be our meeting building after a bit of changes/demo.  It's about the size of our meeting area now.  The outbuilding goes a bit of a ways back so there's plenty of room.

We look forward to seeing how the Lord will use the property and our church to share Christ's love.

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