Sprite & Chips

Most moms will know what is going on and why by observing the title and picture.  Unfortuantely, success is slow going.

For those a little behind the times.  Bryant is slowly...ever so slowly, jumping on the potty train.  Truth be told (Southern colloquialisms rearing their ugly head again), he was probably ready about two to three months ago but I just didn't have the heart or organized brain to start.  And now, we've hit it late and are hitting a wall of stubbornness.

This means that if I put Bryant in underwear he will hold it all morning long until he can't hold it anymore or until I put a diaper on him for nap.  And then he goes like Niagara falls.

He's given us all the signs that he's ready:
1.  Talks well and incessantly.
2.  Knows when he is wet (in underwear)
3.  Will tell us that he needs a diaper change
4.  Can get dressed and undressed by himself.

There's just no motivation and chocolate doesn't even motivate him.  Really?  Chocolate.  Come on.  I'm totally motivated by chocolate.  I think we may have to use a train or action figure to get him to go.

The picture above was taken in January and we're still dealing with the same issues.  I know he'll get it.  Some day.  But for now he's perfectly content to say, "Mom, I need a diaper change."

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