Our current favorite babysitter, C, had mentioned that she was interested in learning more on how to care for a home.  After some prayer and other news from C, I felt the Lord calling me to ask her if she wanted to be a mother's helper for us.  She and her parents agreed and now Tuesdays are a fun day for littles, easy school day for me, and a learning time for her.  We all win.  She mentioned one Tuesday that she was interested in learning how to cut boys' hair.  It just so happened that I had four boys in desparate need of a hair cut.  So, we went to work!
She got two boys haircut and then I finished off the other two.

I thought she did an awesome job!  And the boys were none too traumatized!

Best part about being a Lilla Rose, Independent Consultant...playing with Zoe's hair!  Isn't it beautiful!

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