Of Picnics and Elephants

Another mild winter found us at 60 degrees plus and sunny in January!  We took advantage of the warm weather and hiked up our small hill to have lunch.  After lunch the kids ferried the leftovers and whatnot back to the house and we hiked the rest of our greenspace to the street.  On the way, we passed some neighbors who were playing outside and one of them reminded me about the elephants "on parade" that was happening that afternoon.  I knew Bryant would be thrilled so we hiked back home, cleaned up the house and headed out to see the elephants with our friends.  The circus was in town and as part of their animal awareness/conservation efforts, they bring the elephants out so we can watch them eat.

I was right, Bryant was thrilled beyond measure!  As soon as we go there and were looking for a spot someone pointed out the elephants walking down the road.  They came right by us and Bryant was yelling, "Hi! Elephants!" the whole time. He talked about the elephants for days.  And everyone walked home with a red nose and stickers.

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