Hi. My name is Abbie...

Just thought I would introduce myself.  It's been super busy.  Two weeks ago, we were getting ready to go out of town and then we went out of town and then we came back and then I spent three days with my Lilla Rose business at a booth all.  day.  long.  And then we went to a church conference and then here we are two weeks later and I haven't put a thing on the blog. 

Really, I though the last post was too epic to put anything for while. 

I'll post some funnies from the kids.  As soon as I find them on facebook.

We are learning Psalm 119 in church.  We're doing 8 verses a month (that's one section a month).  And, to make it easier, we're doing it in song.  And it does make it easier.  So much so that Ceili Rain, 3, has been walking around the house singing the first eight verses, aleph.  It just melts my heart ya'll.  Here's a link to a cd that we are playing over and over again in the van.
Ceili Rain, 3, continues to be a sweet MIT.  She is not only co-sleeping with her baby doll, but one night I caught her nursing in bed.  Crunchy mama indeed.
Malachi, at 10 months, can climb the stairs.  First time we've had a baby and stairs to contend with.  He has yet to prove that he can climb down the stairs.  I may die of a heart attack soon.
Next up is Liam (7). On the way home tonight we were listening to Adventures in Odyssey and it was talking about being bold for your faith. Liam kept saying, "I don't think anyone wants to be bold. Nope, no one really wants to be bold." We finally got him to stop talking long enough to ask him why he felt that way.

"I don't think anyone wants to be bold. Because it means you don't have any hair."

Ceili Rain seems to have taken the majority of funnies this past month.  Here's another.  I was getting a meal ready in the kitchen and Ceili Rain was in there as well.  Her siblings were up in the backyard or something.    This is what I heard as I worked:  

 "Duck, duck, duck, GOOSE!" She sighs (a big sigh), "I'm it again."

And finally, I know almost everyone has seen the banana slicer reviews but have you seen the reviews for uranium ore?  

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