Sneak Peek, Spring Pictures

Tracy ventured out with us last week and braved all the bugs and such to get some spring pictures for us.  We have taken note.  Bug spray is a MUST around our neighborhood creek in the spring and summer.  A must.

Anyway, we thought you all would enjoy a sneak peek at the pictures she got.  I have to say I can't wait to see the rest!
 You might have to click on it to get a better reading on the signage.  Or just look below.

We are excited, thrilled, surprised, and thrilled to announce that we will be adding to our bunch in December (or January)!

Yes, it is early.  Yes, we just found out.  But we believe every life is a gift and choose to celebrate it as long as we have that life.  Malachi and this baby will be 22 months (almost 23 months) apart.  That's the biggest gap yet.  And we (meaning I) was just settled in enjoying our blessings and getting used to my baby not being a baby when lo, and behold, God gives us another one.

My first doctor's appointment is this week.  I'm almost 100% that I'll have my progesterone checked since it was low with the last two pregnancies and I had to go on supplements for the first trimester (not fun but willing to do what needs to be done to keep this little guy, or girl, growing).  So, please pray that my numbers are high.

A couple of prayer requests to go along with that:
1.  No subchorionic hematoma.  Not sure if the doctor will want to do an ultrasound so early but either way, whenever one is done, please pray there is no blood clot anywhere near the baby.
2.  VBAC.  Yes, no doubt about it, I want to try a VBAC.  I have a wonderful and amazing bestie who just so happens to be a L&D nurse who has VBAC'd.  She's agreed to be a doula for me.  I've done this whole giving birth thing without a c-section six times but I know having her there comforting and supporting me will help.  Not to mention our laughter and conversation will distract me from the pain. One of the big VBAC prayers is that I can go in to labor on my own (which I haven't done since Zoe was born).  Inductions are just not good for VBACs and I would really like to avoid that this time.  I am trusting the Lord to provide.
3.  My mystery pregnancy rash.  I got it very early with Malachi and it continued up until 30 weeks.  It just so happens that at 30 weeks I started drinking a Mama's brew tea that had raspberry leaf, nettles leaf, peppermint, and alfalfa in it.  I'm already starting with this mystery rash again (really, they should name it after me).  I'm smathering myself with lotion twice a day and drinking one cup of tea a day.  Praying that this works to combat the rash before it gets really bad.

Thank you for your prayers for us and this sweet little blessing growing.

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  1. So exciting for you! I've VBAC'd twice at Trinity with Dr Christie. The first VBAC was 5 days overdue and then the second was 38 weeks and labor so quick we never made it out the door to the hospital (scary but easy). I did start going to the chiropractor that week. She will do a pitocin induction and says she's never seen a rupture with it on a VBAC but it just doesn't work for me so I have to wait and go natural. Just another way kids teach you to pray fervently :)