My children have been in a sharing mood this month.  I wish I could say that sharing revolved around toys.  Alas, it didn't.  It revolved around germs.  Bryant started with a virus that included a cough and a fever.  He had it a few days and then Zoe got it.  Then Ceili Rain.  Then Ace.  Then Liam.  Then Josiah.  Then Malachi.  Malachi and Ceili Rain kept it the longest which meant a trip to the doctor.  There we discovered that Ceili Rain had pneumonia, an ear infection, and wheezing.  Malachi was just diagnosed with wheezing but the doctor thought that he might actually have pneumonia but it was hard to tell due to the wheezing.

Mark, who has an immune system made of steel just had a cold.  And I.  Well, I had it for three days and it included a fever and the lovely cough.  And it was all during testing for Zoe, Ace, and Liam.  Still working on recovering from that one.

And that.  That is the reason I did not blog last week.  Without further's a smathering of pictures to make up for my week long absence.

Simply adorable!

 We live in a neighborhood with new construction.  We've learned that with new construction comes scheduled power outtages.  This power outtage meant no television time before nap, so we made up our own "entertainment"  using the hand puppets.  These stories were quiet interesting.  And that's all I have to say about that.

 I'm telling you this kid is too cute!


 And sister is a tad silly.
 Okay, so is Big Brother.  Do you think we take their pictures enough?

 Ceili Rain was trying to avoid rest time by sitting by Mark and asking all sorts of questions while he graded math.  Mark, was a big enforcer as you can see from his silly picture.
 Slides and a baby with a lot of hair.
 Miss Maggie, Tracy's beautiful girl in her birthday dress that I made.
 We purchased several discounted cooupons for frozen yogurt.  When the expiration date was looming we decided to haul the kids for yogurt dates.  It's been over a month and I am still full from all that yogurt.  Apparently, so was Ceili Rain.

 The week before Malachi's birthday he got a virus.  I'm guessing it was roseola again because he broke out in a rash the day of his birthday but had no fever.  One of the benefits to fevers...cuddles and rocking my babies.

 Another fun side to new construction.  Giant sand piles.  Yes, we are that weird family.
 They were playing "King of the Mountain."

And the grand finale...Look who is now apart of the Upright Club?

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