Play Kitchen

Well before Christmas, I started a hunt for an entertainment center to convert in to a play kitchen for Ceili Rain.  Yes, it was Pinterest inspired.  There were several designs but this one and this one were my main inspiration.

I landed this television stand at a Online Yard Sale for $25.
Everyone pitched in...

...and this was the finished project.

One happy birthday girl.

We used paint that we had on hand.  Including chalkboard paint.  We put a hook on one side for the apron and an old frame I painted on the other with chalkboard paint there.  Mark split the solid door and put a stable shelf in.  He moved the hinges to the bottom to make an oven.  The other door, Mark busted out the glass and put a solid piece of wood in.  He also added another shelf to that drawer for the fridge.   I used leftover fabric for the curtain and just put in a gathering stitch and used my hand dandy stable gun to adhere the curtain.

Mark used the old door pull holders for the stove knobs. He cut out a 'J' for the faucet.  I found a bowl at a thrift store for 25 cents.

Total we probably spent about $35 on it.  That look on her face is priceless!


  1. SOOO cute!! Good job everyone. :)
    (And possibly more impressive- a Pinterest project that actually looks great!)

  2. Thank you! I've actually done a few pinterest projects and so far, not too many disasters! But I have had a few.