Happy Birthday Ceili Rain!

 Three days after Malachi's birthday, we celebrated our second princess turning four!  Her birthday fell in the middle of the week but her best friend's birthday was the following Saturday so we decided to do a joint party for the girls!

So, here are the celebrations!

Ceili Rain opened some family gifts on the day of her birthday.

 And she had ice cream.  See.  I told her we would wait and do the cake for her party, but that we would have an ice cream bar on the day of her birthday.  She was good with that.

 Granddaddy and Ge came up in the middle of the week with her presents (and Malachi's).
American Girl dolls are always a hit in our home.  This is a good time to mention that when Ceili Rain is extremely excited she gets really quiet.  I was a bit worried about her not liking the gift but she did the same thing with another gift!

Party day dawned!  She asked for a giraffe cake.  Thanks Pinterest.  So, here it is in process...

 And here it is complete.  That's Megan's cake on the side.  She asked for a hippo.  During the party we realized we should have had a Safari party with all these animals.

I stumbled upon a link to a website with animals that you could stuff at home.  Kristina and I were game for it.  So were the umpteen other kids we invited!  It turned out to be a great idea but it was all hands on deck to stuff twenty animals!

 Waiting in line.

We got little shirts and fabric markers to decorate for the animals.
Mark has nice handwriting.  He got to be in charge of the birth certificates.
Stuffed and ready!

 Present time!

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