First Haircut

If you looked at Chi's basket pictures, you will notice he is not lacking in one major area.  Hair.  It was with great trepidation, that I decided to cut Malachi's hair the week of his birthday.  My main reason for being so hesitant was the curls.  The boy has some beautiful sweet curls in the back of his head.  They are gorgeous I tell ya.

But, he needed a trim.  The poor boy was starting to look like a girl.

Off to work I went.
 This is precut.
 Okay, he really has curls.  It takes a few days after washing and they come out but guess what happened when I trimmed it in the back?  It got curlier.  One day I'm going to trim it all around and see if the whole head of hair goes in to curl mode.
Yes, this was quite an adventure.  I think I did this the day the house flooded and Mark was trying to talk to the water clean up guys and the kids were running around everywhere.  I'm never one to run from a challenge.

I will get pictures of those curls.  I promise.  Just be patient it may be a little while.

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