December Randomness

 Just a few more posts on our December journeys and we're all done.  So, it's time for some random cuteness of my kids.

Let me set the stage...Tracy's in labor and I'm her friend-doula.  However, we committed to another friend's son's birthday party that very afternoon.  Mark comes home gets quick instructions and I leave.  And then he takes seven children to Chuck E Cheese with my friend Kristina.  Super dad of the year!  Especially since there was excitedness and smiles all over the place when I got home!

They are building the last house on our street and Bryant frequently has to sit down and watch the construction workers.  I love his thoughtful observations.

He yelled, "I Superman!"  That's Malachi's bib on Bryant's back.  Backwards.

Ready for his first day on the job!  That shirt has a tie on it but Mr. M decided to keep his hands in front of it.  I thought the diaper matched exceedingly well.

Zoe has taken sewing lessons this past fall.  And she loved them!  She told me she would be able to help sew pj pants this year and she did an amazing job, from cutting them out to sewing them together!  She made three pairs.  She helped pass the time and saved me quite a bit of it as well.

We saw the UGA Accidentals in concert.  It was the Tuesday after Alabama barely beat them.  We all resisted wearing our Bama gear though.

Ceili Rain wanted to "wear" her baby and Bryant told me he was feeding Enoch (the Elephant).  My adorable MIT and DIT!

Now both the DIT and MIT in their slings!

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