We'll be back

Ah, Christmas season is upon us and while our calendar looks decent there are still so many things that need to get done so my blogging is sporadic right now.

Here's two funnies to tide you over (well, only if you're not on facebook...hi mom).

Before breakfast I told Ceili Rain that she must go get dressed.  She walked off to her room saying, "If you say so."

I said, "I say so."

"If you say so."

"I say so."

This went on until I ended with a stellar rendition of "Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So."  She was not really impressed.


At supper, the kids decided to name all of the people in the Nativity (which is in our dining room). 

Obviously, Joseph, Mary and Jesus were named first. 

Then the rest of the Nativity visitors had to be named. 

The wise men include Frank, Murray and Goldberg. Their camels were George, Bob and Roger. The donkey's name is Don Quixote (get it. Donkey-Don Quixote). 

The Shepherds were Tim, Ben, and the boy shepherd was Jotham (a character in the Advent story we're reading). The sheep include Joshua (from Lucado's The Crippled Lamb), and all the rest are Barbara (at which point Mark and I launched in to Barbara Manatee). The one cow we have is Bessie. Josiah wanted to name one of the sheep Cold Cuts though.  He came up with that on his own.

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