One Day

I am about three days late with this post but I thought I would share anyway.  The "assignment" was to photograph one day in your house.  The date set was for November 14th which happens to be my birthday.

Starting the day off with a little bling.

 Breakfast!  My dear, sweet husband brought home cinnamon rolls so I didn't have to fix breakfast in the morning.

 How can you not start out with a good day when you see this sweet face? And his brothers and sisters as well!
 Morning Table Time-Bible, Greek, Giggles
 Time to get dressed. 
 And brush our hair (and pose)

 Diaper changing time.  On the floor.  It's much easier with a wiggley baby.

 Time to brush teeth.

 School time

 Ceili Rain and Bryant put baby down for a nap.
 And played hide-n-seek.
They hid in the same spots over and over again and thought it was so funny when they found each other.

Special treat with supper out at the pizza buffet.

And chocolate cake made by Mark and the rest of the bunch!

And then off to Awana for some chocolate pudding Bible memorization.

Not a totally typical day but close to it.  This was fun to document and is a must to do again!

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