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I'm back...Lest you think I have done nothing in my blogging absence, here's my "to do" list at the beginning of the month:

I added blogging to the end.  While we're not quite completely done with it, we are very close.

Since we're almost through with Autumn, I thought I would show our front door decor.

 For my birthday, my parents brought me two gorgeous rustic bird houses.  I may move one to the back at some point but for now they are on the stoop.  The bench is an old piano bench that I painted cream color and I made up the pillows really quickly.

 This was pinterest inspired: 

I was too impatient to find a basket holder or figure out how to do a wooden letter, so a metal flower holder and vinyl letter were my compromise.  I love it because I can change out the flowers with each season like this:
I think it's simply beautiful!  I'll take the peppermints and presents off after Chirstmas for my winter decor.

Here's the stoop all decorated for Christmas!
Sadly, the plants in the tricycle are dead.  Raise your hand if you're surprised.  Anyone?  Yeah, me neither.

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