A Bunch of Characters vs. Chattanooga

Believe it or not, Chattanooga survived us!  We met up with Mark's family in Chattanooga and toured and visited and laughed and giggled for a few days.

How fifteen children in one house can get along so well is nothing short of amazing!  They continue to grow close and it just blesses this mama and aunt's socks clean off (How's that for a Southern colloquialism?  Oh, and ya'll will be happy to know that I didn't need a spell check on "colloquialism.")

 How's that for posing!  We rocked the quick pictures before we left.
 Grandmere and a helper getting ready for supper!  Just so ya know.  When we're all together we typically rotate who is in charge of supper and go light on lunches and then rotate breakfasts.  And yes, we plan out each meal ahead of time.  It's really a necessity with our large crew.

 My nephew T.  Ceili Rain was in Baby Heaven.
 Chattanooga has the Tennessee Aquarium.  Everyone enjoyed acting trapped in the piranha tank.

Group photo...at least we got them all in the pick.
 And a train ride for my train lover.  I was informed by him that the train ride was boring but he loved the tour of the machine shops and watching the train on the round about.  He's an engineer to be!

 All smiles after seeing the trains in the trainyard and listening to the tour guide talk about restoring trains.
 Visiting Civil War Battelfields.  The lives lost were tragic and the courage of the men on both sides was amazing.

 The matriarch and patriarch of the family!  I think Ace took this picture.
 I walked outside to get a picture of the beautiful scenery and hear, "Aunt Abbie!" above my heads.  My nephews were having some quiet play time on the deck.

 A beautiful view!

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