Thanksgiving 2012: There's a story here...

Since this was the first Thanksgiving in the new home, we opted to stay at our house and host Thanksgiving.  Our first choice was to have soldiers from the local fort over but that never got fully coordinated so we opted to have our soldier friends over.  The F family moved here this summer and began attending our church.  They planned to stay here for Thanksgiving rather than visit family.  So L and I struck a deal.  I would cook the meal, she would bring the pies.  The pies were awesome and we all enjoyed our traditional Southern Thanksgiving!

All was bright and cheerful until C suggested that I toast the marshamllows on top of the sweet potato casserole not just melt them.  I cranked the oven up to broil and continued chatting with L right beside the stove.  About 5 minutes later I yelled, "The CASSEROLE!"

Flames!  Ya'll.  There were flames coming from my new oven.

Luckily they were just the marshmallows on fire. I flew open the oven and started searching for my phone to get a picture.  Mark sprinkled water on it and promptly closed the oven door and shut the oven off.  Party pooper.  I was willing to sacrifice a kitchen fire to give ya'll a good picture.  Oh well.

I snagged this picture after the fire was extinguished.

Then Mark scraped the marshmallows off and we tried again.  I plopped myself in front of the oven this time.

Ta da!  Beautifully toasted marshmallows atop yummy homemade sweet potato casserole.

Then after we stuffed ourselves full of turkey and all the fixings we Farkled.

No really.  We did.

Farkle is just a great game to play with friends when you want to sit around and chat.  It's even better when you win.  No, I mean STOMP the competition.  But, I'm not going to brag or anything.

Shortly after the Farkle we ate again.  This time pies.  Pecan, pumpkin (without sugar...oops) and a not-so-normal-which-means-amazingly-delicious fruitcake.  Then food comas began and pictures were not taken.

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