Zoe's First

So, awhile back I mentioned that my parents have mad skillz when it comes to finding awesome furniture at great prices.  Awesome in that it is old and used and needs some updating and that is fine with me.  That kind of awesome.

When last they came to visit, they dropped off a beautiful old vanity that needed a bit of updating.  I decided that Zoe was just the age to learn how to refurbish an old piece of furniture.  We scoured Google and pinterest and found the same vanity updated and she said she wanted hers to look like that.  So, we set to work.  Her design required staining too.  I believe that it's been at least 10 years since I've stained furniture so this was a good refresher course for me.  I think I only had to call my mom once to make sure we did it right.

This is the determined/concentrated look.

 Staining!  I forgot how much I enjoyed staining.  Polyurethening is another story.  I'm always worried I'll have too many bubbles and it'll look horrible!

We had an audience that day.  Can I just say that I love having a garage to work in?

Here's our inspiration:

Beautiful! And shabby chiced too! We didn't go shabby chic but we did the dark stain on top:

The girls' love it.  I wanted to go for another bright pink but was vetoed by everyone I said it too.  So, classic white with stained tops it is.  We've still got to find a chair so I'm on the look out for something with character (ha.ha.).

Didn't Zoe do a wonderful job?!

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