October Randoms

 In October, Malachi is slowly getting out of the commando crawl.  As such, he likes to stand on his feet and move around like a bear.  He won't crawl.  Just stand and move one foot around and then get back on his belly and go.  He's now taking more and more crawl steps on his hands and knees though. 
 Do you see how cute I am?!
 Because, I'm really cute.  As cute as my brothers and sisters!  He crawled to the mirror and proceeded to "kiss" the baby in it.
 Game time in Awana.  You never know what will happen.
 We got our cultural studies in at a concert of Czech-Slovac Folk group at a local concert.
 One crazy afternoon, I had Kristina's kids and had to take Zoe to piano and the boys' to golf clinic.  So, I loaded all ten of them up (one was with Kristina) and off we headed.  And being that Kristina is a bestie, she stopped off at McDonald's and got lunch for our crew.  And we picniced.  At the driving range.  In the parking lot.  We're cool like that.
Chick-fil-a hosted a Pirate's and Princess night.  Ceili Rain informed us that her Colonial dress was a princess dress and she was most happy to wear it and get free ice cream. She also enjoyed getting her face painted.

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