Photo Op

A home school day at the lake turned in to a photo op for my adorable little ones.  The older kids were too busy being "anti-social" to take pictures (playing games like four square and skipping rocks with friends kind of anti-social).

 If I keep smiling, she'll never know I just ate a leaf.

 Josiah is refusing to dress like it is fall. 
 Hands down, Malachi is Ceili Rain's favorite person right now.  Do ya'll remember Elmira from Looney Tunes?  Well, it's that kind of favorite.  Bless him, despite all she puts him through he still smiles and laughs at her.  I think he either forgets that she carried him by his toes all around the room or he's just letting off that nervous "don't come near me" laugh.

 I scored some cute rainboots for Bryant for $4.  He had to wear them.  They take up almost all fo his foot.  And make him look 10 billion times as cute as he is.  Especially when he has a stick for a sword.
 Oh, back to me...okay, time to ham it up!
The little kids with their little friends.  They explored, pretended and romped around until we finally had to tell them it was time to go.

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