On to July

In case you can't tell from my lack of blogging, we've been unusually busy.  I will post more on that but first we must get caught up. 

We were blessed to have been able to visit with Mark's brother and his family along with Papa & Grandmere just after the 4th.

And here's the proof that we all survived fifteen kids twelve and under and six adults.

 Ready for some play!
 Cousins enjoying looking at books about the new cousins.
 And reading.

 Malachi met some "old" friends.
 And more reading.
 I believe he's reading.
 Gun fights at the OK Corral.  Bryant would hold it up to his eye and make gun noises.

 Uncle D came for a visit and played ball...three batters for every pitcher.  That's how you get it done in a large famly.

 Conquering Mount Swing

 Josiah...the Baby Whisperer with Cousin K.
 Malachi didn't know what to think.
 But he did enjoy the attention from his Aunt D and Cousin L (Mark's first cousin...I don't know what it makes Malachi to her...I just can't think about that late at night).
 And Aunt
 This was the baby row. 
 More baby love from Cousin O.
 My nephew H was my buddy.  One night during family devotions he was fighting the sleepy bug hard.  After he fell out of the child's chair a couple of times, I grabbed his hand and would give it a squeeze every once in a while.  From then on, he wanted to sit by me during devotions/worship time.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, H is Liam, on speed.  He has calmed quite a bit since they were younger.
 Chess outside...what could be better?
 Oh, Chess, outside, with Papa.  Yep, that's better.
 Papa had a water station set outside.  Great idea.  In theory.  By the end of the visit, I think the vast majority of water bottles were under the deck or hiding in bushes.
 Water guns hit the spot to cool everyone off.

 And the slip and slide was not too bad either!

 Yummy cold watermelon from cousin J's garden!
 And Malachi met his little cousin T.  T was born in April just a couple months after Malachi! 

 Malachi thought it was quite a funny time.
 And of course, Baby-lover, Ceili Rain just had to hold her baby cousin!  Bless his poor little heart.
Notice two things:  1)Papa's audience.  2)The damage the audience did before Papa called for reading time.

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