Bryant is Two!

 Okay, I know they say the "Terrible Twos,"  but we don't really believe it.  Bryant does enjoy trying to assert his independence, but for the most part he is pretty obedient.  He says, "Yeah, ba'am" when I have to correct him.  That's "yes ma'am" in Bryantese.

If you look back on Bryant's growth (easy to do by clicking on his "label" on the sidebar), you'll note that he's done quite a lot of things early.  Teeth at two months.  Crawled at five months.  Etc.  Well, he is, by far, our most verbal two year old.  He also understands a lot more than he can communicate at times.

For his birthday, he requested at "hootball cake."  He didn't just ask for it one time but multiple times.  Over several months.  We'd say, "Bryant what do you want for your birthday?":  "A hootball cake,' he'd reply, "Happy Birfday Myant!"

Oh, and Myant is what he calls himself.  He's such an important two year old that he speaks of him self in third person.  He's been doing this since about March.  Sadly, as August approaches he's growing out of it and it's more of "I do dat."  Instead of , "Myant do it!"
 Aha!  All you peeps out there who didn't understand toddlerese.  This is a "hootball cake."  Known to you and I as a football cake.  Yay for cake pans that are in the shape of a football.
 He cleaned his plate!
 Bryant's also our animal lover...especially horses and dogs.  We were so excited to find a big stuffed horse at a consignment sale this past year.  He was thrilled to have it too!

And, we all would like to thank Papa and Grandmere for the harmonica.  No, really.  We're also grateful that you volunteered to hold it for us until we come to visit.

Bryant also fell in love with Josiah's Captain America doll action figure that he received from Ge and Granddaddy.  So, after two days of Bryant following Josiah around, I requested one for him.  Ge and Granddaddy were thrilled to comply and Bryant walked around with his own figure for several days!

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