Ace is Eight

Our "gift from God" turned eight in July!  I can't believe he is that old.  We had a celebration at home and when it cooled off a bit took a trip to the park. 

In June, Ace came up to us and told us he really wanted a pocket knife for his birthday.  We both felt he was at a good age to get one.  So far, we were right on.  He's been very responsible with it and is taking good care of it.  Okay, so he has cut him self a tiny bit on his finger but he did learn not to put his hand in the way when closing the blade.  Mark picked out a Swiss Army Boy Scout multi-purpose tool.  He loves being able to have a variety of tools available should they be needed.
Ice cream cake.  Let me just say that making an ice cream cake when it's over 100 degrees out...well, it's not for the faint of heart.  I had ice cream, chocolate, and whip cream every. where.  I told them all "never again." And in my head added, "Unless you ask me."
Papa found Uncle B's old catchers mit and shared it with Ace.
Ace thought it was a nice hate (it is a baseball.  hat.  hardee har har).  Not really.  But he can be quite goofy sometimes.

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