June was full all sorts of cuteness...and sickness.  Malachi caught croup from colds being passed around.  We spent a not so fun night praying and steaming before we could get him in to see the doctor.  She knew he was sick so she was on call should it have gotten worse.  Praise God it didn't.  I have never been so worried about one of our little ones.  Still no breathing treatments (we are so thankful we've never had to use them for any of the kids...I've heard the stories).  Bryant also caught the croup and a simple dose of steroids and he was good to go.

Now on to the cuteness (if you are my fb friend you've seen most of this but mainly this is for those who "don't do facebook" and for my own records):

Me:  Bryant, you are one smart cookie.

Bryant:  No!, I eat 'mart cookie!


Megan, Kristina's three year old, says, "I carry you!"  when she wants to be held.  Except it sounds more like, "I KILL YOU!"  She has since corrected this but for the longest time...I could promise you that's what that girl said.

I gave warm McDonald's chocolate chip cookies to Tracy's kids.

 She was not pleased. (That's Miss Maggie with the yums covered face)
They were thrilled and Wyatt asked over and over for more.


Me: Where would you be without Father's Day?
Liam: Texas!


Josiah: Mommy I put my pants on and they were tight and I saw it was because they had snaps.
I turned around and saw that he was actually wearing them unsnapped.
Me: Um, Josiah, they're too tight because they're Malachi's pants.
Josiah: oh.
Yes.  He. Did.


To encourage Ceili Rain to stay dry at night she has princess undies with the days of the week printed on them. She had some on a Sunday (and they were the Wednesday ones) and Josiah asked her what they said. She was encouraged to ask Zoe for help in reading them.

She replied in all seriousness, "No, no. I don't need help. I know what it says. It says 'Princess panties. Do not pee."

We have a pallet that is on our bedroom floor in case a child should wander in during the night and need some comfort in knowing mom and dad are there. Ceili Rain slept there during our Transue Invasion. Tonight she was cuddling with me and said, "Mama, if I sleep on the pallet tonight the lions will come and eat me."
"Oh no!" I replied.
"They're small lions." Pause for effect "Then I have to climb in bed with daddy."
Then a burst of giggles erupted from her (okay, and me too).

This is typical when Mark is off for a long weekend:
Gets tearful when Bryant wakes up and walks around crying for daddy. I told him daddy was at work and as he cried he said, "No daddy at work! Want daddy here." Breaks my heart and totally broke daddy's too.


Malachi likes his doorway jumper, so much that nine out of ten times when I put him in it, he poops...everywhere.  That kid!

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