The good, the bad, and the goofy

Now, this pictures is actually one of my favorites because it captures a bit of our personalities!  I've mixed in a few of my favs with a few of the goofy ones.

Tracy tried so hard with this shot...just didn't work out and Mark just wanted to take a nap.  Malachi wasn't too thrilled either.

The model look.

How we get her to smile.

Fishing...wait for it...
Score!  Digging for gold!

Isn't he precious?!

I may be partial, but my girls are pretty beautiful.  And my mommy heart feels with joy when I see them giggling and playing together.

 Two hours of pictures and Josiah was done.

Now, stay tuned, I'm going to attempt to post all of July in next week...there's a big reason why and I'll let you all (who are not FB friends with me or family...I don't think that leaves any one.) start guessing.

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