We Bought a Zoo...

membership.  We have finally reached the point that is cheaper for us to purchase a membership and go to the zoo twice than it is to purchase tickets for the zoo.

At the end of June we were scheduled to go on a join vacation with our friends but last minute had to cancel due to the size of the space and other issues.  Because we had to cancel, I told the kids that we would go to the zoo one day the following week.  That's where my sanity left and fear set in.

On a Monday, we were finishing lup our chores and I checked the weather while feeding Malachi.  I realized that the only day to go to the zoo (an hour away) would be that day.  It was going to be hot and rainy the rest of the week.

I called Mark and got the okay and then packed a quick lunch and loaded everyone up.  They had no clue.

It was so much fun to hear their excitement when we got there.  They were even more excited to learn we were going to be able to go back several times. 

And despite my insanity, I did not lose or gain any children while there. 

Afternoon stretches!

Comparing hand and feet of gorillas and humans.  Yep, the gorillas are big!

Bearded dragon. 
And Zoe touched it!!!

Penguins are fun to watch but it's more fun climbing on the stroller and the rocks.

Unless you are these two...they loved watching the penguins swim!

Malachi just chilled.  Look at those thighs and cheeks!  I just love squeezing them.

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