Books Alive!

We love our community!  It seems there is always something to do around hold frogs.

Okay, not really just hold frogs.  Our local library puts together an event each year called Books Alive.  It's an opportunity for authors to come in and share and sign and smile and all that.  It's also an opportunity for families to all be encouraged to actually, dare I say, read

It's a small festival but this year the kids learned a lot.

Like all about reptiles and amphibians from our local nature center.

Yep, Liam actually held a frog.  It also jumped out of his hands.  He thought that was cool.  There is hope. That my boys will be boys who like to grab slimy things and show them off to me and see if I freak.

And my girls too.

Zoe's favorite thing.  Talking to the gardener with a locally growing group.  She spoke about all sorts of things that I grew up with but my kids had never experienced...eating mint straight off the bush, cracking pecans with just two stuff!  We planted some seeds but forgot to pick them up when we left...wonder where they are now.

And there were water slides.  Two...the kids really tired themselves out here!

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