Our Malachi at Four Months

Four months ago, this not so little guy made his way into this world!  I could not imagine our life without this silly, smiley, laughing big boy!  Ya'll, he really is a breath of sunshine in our home.  He's got such an amazing personality and loves (I mean really loves) his brothers and sisters.  They equally adore him and prove it by continuing to pick up, play with, and poke the little man to pieces.

To celebrate his fourth month (and his granddaddy's birthday), he got a tooth.  Mark and I have been able to feel the tooth for about a week now as it pushed against his gum but it finally broke through the gum yesterday.  

In other Malachi news, he's kicking and rolls some.  Sleeps a bit and wakes up once during the night to nurse.  I knew the ten hour stretches were temporary and he proved it.  Not a big deal...of course if you had thighs and cheeks like his, you'd want a snack in the middle of the night too.

Here are his four month stats:
16 lbs. (73%)
26 3/4 inches long (95%)

Look at those thunder thighs!  He's not the biggest of our babies at this age (that prize goes to our Josiah who is growing faster than any of the other kids still).

Ah, but those legs and that sweet baby belly!
Okay, Mark admits that his cheeks carry some of the weight too.  He's all cheeks and thighs, that boy!

While Bryant is still a couple of months away from ditching the diaper drawers, I wanted to make sure I captured my traditional "babies in clothe diapers" picture before I forgot.

Aren't they adorable?  Even if they're a bit blurry.

I've got the pictures ready for June so tomorrow, I'll rewind a month and post about our June birthday and all the lovely adventures we had then!

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