My 15 minutes...

Where I talk about being organized and homeschooling...ha.ha.  Right now we're not so much organized...but that's a whole 'nother story that I will share very soon.

Anyway, head over to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and see what I had to say!   Stephanie Green is a local journalist who I've had the privilege of being interviewed by on multiple occasions.  She's such a sweet persona and I do so love talking to her (yes, she did misspell my name, but then again, who doesn't?).  So, when she called and asked if she could interview me for the homeschooling magazine that almost all homeschooling geeks moms know about...well, I couldn't pass up a chance to chat with her.

Oh, and Ceili Rain is in there too.  And I still can't believe how much she's changed in less than a year!  By the way, those pictures were taken when Malachi was in utero...hence the big belly and all!

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