Pit Stop

On the way back from the beach, we stopped off at Papa & Grandmere's house.  This was a quick visit.  Not really to see them (although that was a bonus), it was for Mark and I to travel to visit my aunt.

My dear Aunt Mary was diagnosed with brain cancer at the end of February.  We were blessed to be able to visit with her a week before she went home to be with our Lord.  While I grieve over not having her here with us on earth, I rejoice that she is in heaven praising her Creator.  She had such an amazing influence on my life.  She was not my "biological" aunt but she treated me like her niece in every way possible!

While Mark, Malachi, and I went to visit Aunt Mary, the kids enjoyed some sweet Papa & Grandmere time.

The girls prepared treats for a tea party.

And the sweet boys picked flowers for Grandmere.

I love the way she's looking at her Papa!

*Thanks to Grandmere for providing the pictures.

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